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Online & Offline Masterclasses, Courses, & Workshops


presented by Meta Music Academy

The unique experience of these live, interactive courses, masterclasses, and workshops - both online & offline - has connected young conductors and musicians throughout the world with the renowned conductors and musicians such as Neeme Järvi, Sir Simon Rattle, Paavo Järvi, Kristjan Järvi, Prof. Colin Metters, Mikhail Bogdanov, Brett Dean, Elizabeth Wilcock as well as established managers and CEO’s such as Matt Muijen, Harold Clarkson, Albert Schmitt, Bernhard Kerres, Paul Schnabel, Wolfgang Fink, Valerie James, Stuart Bell among others.


With our courses and workshops, we aim to give direction, help, and training to musicians not only in the specialized fields of different instruments, vocal, and conducting, but we also focus on self-management, career development, time and financial management, networking, communication, and interpersonal skills, negotiation, prioritization, values, marketing and sales including social media, project development among other topics. These basic skills are needed to navigate through your own education, your career, your life in order to be an entrepreneur.


These masterclasses, courses, and workshops are developed and guided by a highly effective team of professionals at Meta Music Academy. The primary goal of these courses is to connect people around the world with the art of music and to bring exclusive, learning experiences directly to their homes.

Yours, Meta Music Academy Team