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The masterclasses will take place in compliance with the local regulations regarding COVID 19 as hygiene, distancing, and any other regulations. All participants need to comply with those regulations.

In case that the local authorities in the Russian Federation will not permit the execution of the masterclass for any reason, Meta Music Academy will refund the already paid fees.

Each participant should inform himself/herself about the actual regulations regarding traveling and entering into the Russian Federation from the country of origin, and act accordingly. Meta Music Academy will be additionally able to assist the participants to enable an entry into the Russian Federation and provide the participants with information from their end.

Meta Music Academy will not refund the paid fees in a case that the masterclass is taking place, and a participant will not comply with all the requirements of the authorities in order to enter the Russian Federation and/or to enter the masterclass venue, and as a result, will not be able to participate in the masterclass.

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