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Opus 6:
Neeme Järvi - Online Masterclass on Zoom,

April - May 2022


The unique experience of this live, interactive course has connected conductors and musicians throughout the world with the renowned Maestro Neeme Järvi.


Participants around the world, such as in South Korea, Australia, Puerto Rico, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe, have been directly and effectively learning the mastery of conducting in a collaborative, informal environment. The conducting course’s participants include professional conductors, musicians, music lovers, and non-musicians who are fascinated by the art of conducting and have intimate access to this art form through the eyes of a world-renowned Maestro.


The conducting preparation that one must undertake before standing in front of an orchestra is the primary focus of these conducting courses. Particularly, students of conducting recognize the effectiveness of developing their gesture and conducting skills in silence, which is vital for the professional development of any conductor. There are many other techniques and foundational aspects in conducting that are introduced and refined through these courses, which wholeheartedly benefit and prepare conductors from all levels and backgrounds.


In most traditional masterclass environments, conductors are naturally more inclined on having the opportunity to work with an orchestra which is essential to conducting. However, the mission of Meta Music Academy is to maximize the learning experience for the individual conductors themselves. Without heeding to external factors, such as limited time and the tension of perfecting their conducting skills in front of an orchestra, in this environment, each individual has the ability to prepare themselves and correct mistakes, restart, and clarify nuances in particular scores. 


The end of each day is filled with engaging, lively anecdotes, sharing stories, and a music quiz initiated by the Maestro who plays recordings of compositions, many of his favorites, in which the participants have to guess the composer and work and are exposed to unique works. Perhaps most importantly, participants and auditors have direct access and ability to discuss conducting career prospects, and their passion for music with a legendary Maestro. 


In essence, we at the Meta Music Academy are giving conductors the opportunity to shape their lessons for an entire hour into an individualized, direct learning experience with the legendary Maestro Neeme Järvi.


These masterclasses are developed and guided by a highly effective team of professionals at Meta Music Academy. The primary goal of these courses is to connect people around the world with the art of music and to bring exclusive, learning experiences directly to their homes.

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