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This immersive 'Self-Re-Presentation' workshop live on Zoom is specifically designed for musicians seeking to establish a compelling personal brand without the resources to engage a premium PR agency or professional management team. Throughout the workshop, participants will gain comprehensive knowledge and practical skills necessary to artfully and professionally present themselves as musicians, ensuring a polished image without compromising authenticity or experiencing discomfort. Under the expert guidance of Natalya Slobodyreva, participants will learn how to create essential elements such as biographies, photographs, and websites that effectively showcase their artistic identity. By the end of the workshop, attendees will possess tangible materials and a profound understanding of intelligent and tactful self-presentation, characterized by confidence and strength. The workshop will also feature guest appearances by field experts, who will share their insights and experiences, providing valuable advice to participants.



Self-Re-Presentation - Virtual Workshop

450,00 €Price
  • 'Self-Re-Presentation' Workshop consisting of 8 workshop sessions with Natalja Slobodyreva will cover the following topics:

    1. Session: Introduction, Biography, CV
    2. Session: Photos Professional / Action
    3. Session: EPK, Lists: Repertoire, Links, Press
    4. Session: Website
    5. Session: Social Media (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)
    6. Session: Mailings, Newsletter
    7. Session: Pitch & Workshop Day – to finalize projects
    8. Session: Conclusion, Q&A, Presentation
    • 4 additional individual meetings (30 minutes each) with Natalja Slobodyreva concerning one of the topics or tasks of the workshop
    • 1 individual meeting (30 minutes) with Natalja Slobodyreva concerning Career Development
    • 1 Email template for Mailings to presenters, or managers
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