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& Career-Development Courses

Our Online Self-Re-Presentation and Career-Development Courses, Workshops, and Lectures are tailored for classical musicians aiming to supplement their performance skills. Designed to guide musicians from the early stages of their career, these courses provide insights into mastering self-management in building a career and establishing a strong reputation.

Before an agency or manager can sign an artist, ideally, the artist should have an established calendar with performances that play a crucial role in discussions about the financial aspect. Managing artists is, indeed, a business, and any manager or agency would prefer to see that the artist already has some income from concerts before even considering signing them.

Discover various elements crucial for success and explore how to lay the foundation for a successful career, brick by brick. Book one of our courses, lectures, or workshops, or even an individual consultation session to find valuable information to empower your journey as a classical musician.

Virtual Courses


“In these challenging times my passion for teaching remains undiminished and my commitment to young conductors continues as strong as ever.  When our lives and futures sometimes seem so uncertain I shall continue to do whatever I can for all aspiring conductors who reach out for guidance, direction or even just a little help along the way.”

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